See Task.

Client App

The Zync program that runs on your local machine and facilitates all file transfers (upload and download) between your local computer and Google Cloud Storage.

Frame Range

Specifies the length of any rendered sequence. For example, if an animation is 500 frames total, and only frames 250 to 400 need to be rendered, you can use the Range input to specify which frames will be run.

Google Cloud Project

Organizes all Google Cloud Platform resources. For Zync usage, this includes, Cloud Storage, your Zync site, Billing, and the Zync API. Your Billing account links your Google Cloud project to your method of payment. Billing MUST be enabled and current in order to run Zync jobs. For more information on Cloud projects, please visit our Google Cloud Platform Overview.

Host Application

The application used to build your scene. Our supported host applications include Autodesk Maya, Autodesk 3DS Max, Houdini, Cinema 4D, and Nuke.


A Google Cloud virtual machine used for Zync rendering.


A Zync submission from start to finish, including, uploading, file check, rendering, and frame download.

Preemptible Machines

Render nodes offered at a lower cost than standard machines, however Compute Engine might terminate (preempt) these instances if it requires access to those resources for other tasks. Preemptible instances are excess Compute Engine capacity so their availability varies with usage. Please read our page on Preemptible Machines before deciding whether they will work within your pipeline. Renders with long-running frames are often not suitable for preemptible machines, because preemption will cause the running process to be interrupted, and partially-completed frames to be lost.


The program that allows for Zync to detect your render settings, scene settings, and any files necessary to correctly run your job. Each host application supported by Zync will have a different plugin.

Plugin Log

This is a Python script located in your Host Application's script folders. The Zync Plugin log will provide additional details in the event of a submission issue.

NOTE: Support Staff will only request your plugin log if they require it for investigating and troubleshooting potential issues. The Support Agent will instruct you how to locate and package your plugin logs.


Frame increments are divided into tasks set to a specific number. This is called a step, much like steps in an animation sequence.


Groups of frames to be rendered per instance (also commonly called "Chunks"). Chunk Size can be set through the Zync plugin upon job submission.

Task Log

A record of the steps and interactions between Zync and the selected host application and render engine. The task log is linked next to each task on the job, and is generated realtime as the task runs.

Zync API

The Zync API provides an interface to the Zync service. The Zync Client App and Host Application Plugins all use the Zync API to communicate between your local machine and Zync. The Zync API must be enabled on your GCP Project in order for Zync to report back to your Billing account.