Understanding Zync Billing

Before starting a render using Zync, we advise a series of best practices to assist you in running a successful project in the most economical manner for your organization.


Billing is done on a per-second basis per machine, with a minimum of one minute. Different machine sizes have different price points. Job size can also affect render times, which can also affect total charges.

Pricing Calculator

The Zync Pricing Calculator can help estimate the cost of your renders so you can determine a tentative budget for your production push. We encourage all users to run a few test frames and run the resulting data through our pricing calculator to get an idea of what your job may cost.

NOTE: The pricing calculator is only a rough estimate of the job cost, and does not take into account storage charges, machine preemptions, or any additional factors that can affect job runtime and price. Zync instances are billed based on usage over time, and actual charges may vary based on any number of factors. Please be aware that the pricing calculator is an estimator tool and not a binding agreement.

The Importance of Test Frames

Before any production push, we highly recommend running a couple of sample frames on Zync. Test frames are used to get an estimate of total render time for the pricing calculator, as well as a health check to ensure all assets are uploaded and are running successfully. This way, you can make any necessary corrections or track any potential issues before launching any large-scale jobs.

Available Machines

See our list of available machines.

Storage Charges

In order to avoid unnecessary storage charges, we recommend removing your project files after your frames are completed, downloaded, and backed up. Zync storage pricing is listed on our pricing page.

Resource Limits

Project-Wide Quotas

All new Zync sites are allocated with a maximum of 50 instances by default. If your would like to add additional instances, please send your requests to zync-support@google.com, and include your Zync URL as well as with the number of instances you would like to request (up to 500 machines).

Internal User Quotas

Zync offers a solution for allocating resources between account users during production. You can set User Quotas for your organization by following our User Quota feature.

Enable Billing On Your GCP Project

Before you can start using Zync, you must have a valid Google Cloud project which is linked to a billing account. This is typically done automatically for you during Zync registration, but if needed you can use our step-by-step guide to verify or update your billing setup.

Locating Your Billing ID

Your Billing ID number is located in the Billing section of your Google Cloud Platform Console.

Additional Resources