Update Plugins

The page describes how to update your Zync plugins. The method used to update depends on how you installed your plugins originally.

Option #1: Client App Plugins Tab

If you used the "Plugins" tab of the Client App to install your plugins originally:

  1. Visit https://download.zyncrender.com, download the latest version of the Zync Client App, and install it. You can install the new version directly over the old one; there is no need to uninstall the old version first.

  2. Launch the Zync Client App, go to the "Plugins" tab and click the "Update Plugins" button:

  3. This will download and install any updates to all of the available plugins. Once complete, restart any applications accessing Zync, to ensure they are running the latest plugin code.

NOTE: Be sure to select ALL of the host applications that you're using after clicking "Update Plugins" button, to make sure that plugins in all applications stay up to date.

Option #2: Manual Install from Github

Perform this procedure if you installed your plugins manually, using the git toolset.

To pull down the latest plugin code, simply change into your plugin directly, and use git to download and merge all updates:

cd zync-python
git pull

Do this step for all Zync repositories (zync-python, zync-maya, zync-nuke, etc.).